MIRAI for IT Engineer

I want to improve my skills. I want to raise my salary. I want to live in Japan. I want to challenge beyond the borders someday. To realize your ideal career, we will do our best to help you change jobs.


MIRAI for Worker

The Specified Skilled Worker visa was started in 2020. It is a new system to help the shortage of human resources in Japan, and it is an unprecedented visa to realize your career change in Japan. Let's take advantage of this opportunity to take a new step.


MIRAI for Nihongo Camp

Nihongo Camp is a free program designed for engineers looking to change jobs in Japan. Those who have worked as an IT engineer or web engineer for more than 1 year in a Japanese company can apply. After taking a Japanese class, you can receive job offers that suit your preferences and IT skills.

Nihongo Campは、日本での転職を考えているエンジニア向けの無料プログラムです。日本の会社で1年以上ITエンジニア・webエンジニアとして働いたことがある方が応募可能です。日本語の授業を受けた後、希望やITスキルに合った求人紹介を受けることができます。

MAYA MIRAIは日本政府の厚生労働大臣の認可を受けた外国人専門の職業紹介会社です。

MAYA MIRAI is an employment agency for international people approved by the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare of the Japanese government.